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Oct 18, 2007

For Starters

Well, hi there!

After realizing that medical school threatens to remove everything creative droplet in my being as well as keep me totally isolated from my not-too-near family and friends, I have decided to keep an online journal. I have blogged before, but Blogger doesn't remember me and deleted my page, and, thus, it is time for a fresh start. So hello! and welcome! Especially to all of you Future Readers, since I realize that, with blogging, you have to write with a certain amount of faith that someday, someone somewhere will stumble across your words. You have to catch them then, though, because if they leave your page at that point, there is no returning. This is due to the vastness of the internet, see.

Anyway, from this small post you can see that my brain is pretty frazzled and I have a little trouble connecting ideas. Don't worry! This should provide some ensuing hilarity and entertainment as I continue in my education and career. Check back soon for updates!

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