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Oct 26, 2007



(Hi, Patrick!)

Fun facts about Patrick:

  • He is married to me (that lucky bugger).
  • He is already a doctor.
  • He was also a music major, though is much smarter than me.
  • He is a grammar nazi and, upon reading this blog, his only comment was
    • "You have a misplaced apostrophe".
  • He is very handsome, a fact which makes it difficult for me to study sometimes.
  • He sometimes grows a beard for me as a Christmas present. Bearded Patrick is my favorite.
  • He is a very good cook. Without him, I would probably starve.
  • He has a habit of sleepwalking to the kitchen and eating all of the ice cream. Then he leaves the spoon in the empty container and put it back in the freezer. He claims to have no memory of this activity.
  • He would choose the cat over me. This is okay because I would choose the dogs over him. These are the facts of life (it takes a lot to get 'em right).
Now that we've all met, I can tell lots of good stories involving Patrick without always having to say "you know, my husband" or "this guy that I live with" or "my sugar daddy". However, I might still refer to him as such from time to time. Just to keep things interesting.

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