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Oct 28, 2007

Weekend Away

Look! It's the most adorable nephew to ever exist. EVER.

This weekend, I went to visit my family. They are about 3 hours from me, which prevents day trips, especially since the arrive of The Nephew. The trip was my reward to myself for successfully completing the hellish journey that was the Infectious Disease class. Here are some of the highlights from the trip.

  • I got to spend some serious QT with KJ (the best nephew ever). It is amazing how much I adore that kid.
  • I also got to spend some QT with the Baby Mama (otherwise known as my sister). She pretty much rules and makes me so happy every time we get to hang out. She’s one of the most amazing people I know.
  • I got to see the Baby Mama in action with her in-laws. We went to a trick-or-treating party with her in-law side of the family which involved seven family member’s houses in three hours. Yes, this means car ride between each, car seat, blanket, diaper bag, bottle, etc. At each house. Insane and hilarious. The idea was quickly scrapped for next year, due to the miserable experience. I, however, having no baby to deal with, thoroughly enjoyed watching the chaos of four kids under five years old being thrown in and out of cars, being stuffed with candy in the meantime.
  • We saw my dad and his sweetheart again for dinner and pumpkin carving at his house. This was awesome. I have a completely fantastic picture that is trapped on my camera. Damn you, camera cord! Where are you?
  • I got to see sister #3 in action (she works at a very trendy store at the mall). I saw her expertly ring people up and give fabulous fashion advice, as well as be totally charming to customers and her boss. She is awesome.
All in all, a great weekend. Pathology starts in the morning and Pharmacology on Tuesday. I won't be able to get home again until Christmas break, thanks to the Pharm folks who scheduled our first exam the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I got my hair cut on Friday at a new place. The lady cutting my hair couldn't believe that I am SO OLD and don't have kids yet. You know what her advice was?


I'm 27. Seriously, lady? SERIOUSLY? Just because you have had several children with several men all before the ripe old age of 25 doesn't mean that that's the best choice for everyone. Think outside the box (so to speak).

1 Readers rock!:

Sarah said...

Freeze your eggs?!?!?! At 27?!?! God I am obviously screwed - medical school is going to doom us all to never being able to pass on our fantastic and brilliant genes!!