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Oct 24, 2007

Put it on the List

Because there are not enough things to worry about in my life, I have come down with some sort of illness. I think it's viral, but I'm not all the way through my virus notes yet for my exam on Friday, so I can't fully diagnose it. However, as I sit on the couch wrapped in a giant down comforter and try to sort through my notes I have come up with the following:
Here are the symptoms:

Runny nose
Body aches

Here's my partial differential diagnosis (I'll spare you... this time):

Rhinovirus (a picornavirus, common cause of common cold)
Orthomyxovirus (causes the flu)
Epstein-Barr Virus (causes most mononucleosis)
SARS (a coronavirus - unlikely, but possible!)
Tuberculosis (ok, not really. But maybe!)

This entry totally counted as time spent studying. Look at all the words I know!

Now, back to the couch with my book and my blanket. **sniff, sniff... achoo!!**

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