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Oct 25, 2007


Usually, when you admit to yourself that you're sick, it is a bit of a relief. You allow yourself to stay home and eat pancakes and watch "The Sound of Music" and, you know, get better. With these viral illnesses, it's usually just a day that will do it.

However, I am not normal, nor is my life. From this information, we can draw the following conclusions:

I will be sick for approximately the rest of my life because I don't have time to rest and recover.
I will probably develop some awful antibiotic-resistant strain of something that's not quite bad enough to keep me from school, but that will continually ruin my day.
I will, no matter how terrible I feel, refuse to move my exam from Friday to Monday because by God I want my weekend off.

It must be Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

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