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Nov 24, 2007

Back to the Mat

Yesterday I finally made it back onto my yoga mat. It had been almost TWO WEEKS. I have lots of excuses, like I was sick and really busy and out of town and super lame, but mostly it falls to that last one. I am super lame. (News flash!)

But yesterday I hurled myself back onto the wagon and did about an hour of yoga. It felt so good. It wasn't the best practice I've ever had and it wasn't even all that great of a workout, but just moving and breathing again... it renewed my commitment to yoga and, thus, to my health. Since being in medical school, I have become aware of how many things there are in the world that will hurt you. So many things can harm you, but you are not helpless! There are things that you can do to take care of yourself and protect yourself! And, surprise! One of those things is exercise.

I am not from a background that emphasized exercise or positive health habits, so it has taken a lot for me to realize the dangers and to change my lifestyle to be a healthier person. The sappy truth is that I don't want my life to be compromised by stupid choices that I have made. Some people have conditions and diseases that are out of their control, that they could not have prevented. But many, many more have diseases of lifestyle and, essentially, choice. I am doing my best to choose health and to help others make that same realization and decision.

Last New Years, I made two resolutions:

1. Nag Patrick less. (Well, I tried... there's always next year.)
2. Keep yoga as a mainstay in my life.

I wouldn't say that two weeks away from my yoga mat is awful, but it is not in line with my resolution or a healthy lifestyle. However, being away for two weeks and then returning to it makes me realize how much I love it and have missed it.

Now. Who wants to open an Ashtanga studio in Lexington? Any takers?

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