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Nov 1, 2007

Crash at 4:53 am

Last week, when I was knee deep in Immunology and Infectious Disease (hissssss), I had little room in my head for anything else. I studied all the time - every waking moment and, apparently, some sleeping moments as well.

Very early one morning (4:53 am) I was quite rudely awakened by a horrific crash. I thought that there was someone breaking into our bedroom, which made no sense since the door was wide open. Then I saw it:

The ceiling caved in on us. Very sad. I started to get up to have a proper meltdown, but Patrick convinced me (in his sleep, no less. Very impressive) that we could clean it up in the morning. Blearily, I agreed and went back to sleep.

Then I started dreaming about the hole in the ceiling. I started dreaming that these immune cells in your body called macrophages were coming out of the hole in ceiling. These little macrophages eat other cells, except that in my dream, they were trying to eat me. Oh no!

Luckily, I had antibodies against the macrophage, so it couldn't eat me. I just floated around the room scratching it's head, wondering why I was immune to it.

I hear that some people have sex dreams or flying dreams or dreams where they see old friends. Must be nice.

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Magpie said...

Damn. That's no fun.