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Nov 19, 2007

In it for the Free Pizza

This afternoon I was talking with a roofer about WTF to do with our dilapidated, falling apart roof (answer = get a new one. boo.) and he started asking about our current situation.

What does your husband do?

He's a resident - a doctor in training

Oh. So you just stay home then, right?

No, no. I'm in medical school. I'm going to be a doctor too.

You mean a nurse?

No. A doctor. I'm thinking about Ob/Gyn.

Oh. But you won't practice, right? Because your husband is a doctor?

No, I'll still practice! I'm not going through all of this just for kicks, you know.

Going through what? Nursing school?

No, medical school. To be a doctor.

But I thought your husband is a doctor.

He is.

Then you can just stay home, right?


So how much for a new roof?

2 Readers rock!:

Ashley B. said...

Ew. I like the idea of marriage as a decision of companionship rather than one of convenience, but I don't think that many other people think that way.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh dear. That happens to me ALL THE TIME, so I can empathize!

Random person: "What program are you in?"
Me: "Health sciences. It's a wonderful program, interesting classes, I'm really enjoying it, yadda yadda yadda..."
RP: "So what do you want to do as a career?"
Me: "I'm hoping to do medicine."
RP: "Oh how nice, you're going to be a nurse!"
Me: "Ummm, no, a doctor actually."
RP: "Like, getting a doctorate in nursing?"
Me: "Um, no, an actual physician."
RP: "Oh." *awkward silence*