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Nov 7, 2007


Since I've posted several rather weighty entries in the last few days (stupidly doubling and tripling up in a month that I've promised to post every day - save a few, for god's sake!), today's post will be A List Of Things That I Like. Because I like them. Clearly, this list is not all-encompassing and will include only things that I can think of sitting on my couch before ice cream. That's the deal, see. No ice cream until I post.

1. Ice cream
2. How excited my dogs get when I practice yoga at home. It's not exactly meditative, but instead a celebration of life and how fun it is to live it. You should see our downward dog competitions.
3. Patients. I know, I totally am the Painfully Enthusiastic One. There is really no way around it at this point. I'm just so glad to be out of the damn lecture hall.
4. Not having cancer. We're studying it right now in both Path and Pharm. It is no good and should be avoided at all costs. I'm serious. No cancer = a good day.
5. People who read my blog! Yay readers! Come back and leave comments!
6. Ice cream. Specifically, the kind in my freezer right now - chocolate chip cookie dough (with 1/3 the fat and 1/2 the calories!). Pretty much the best thing ever. However, Patrick has been ravaging it at night, so I'd better hurry up and finish this post.
7. Being old enough not to care that I'm probably going to go to bed at 9:15. See, I'm trying to kick my caffeine habit because I'm a stubborn girl and don't like to be dependent on anything. However, this makes me exceptionally cranky and tired all the time. We'll see if sleep helps. If not, it's back to caffeine. I don't like being dependent on sleep either. Hrmph.
8. Google. I'm a total nerd and I love all the integration and sharing and happiness that you can do with google. It's right up my Type A Nerd Alert alley.
9. The new drug pen I got yesterday on the floor when I was interviewing my new patient (who also did not die! That deserves it's own entry...). It's copper colored and has a fine tip and I love it. It would be better only by writing in blue, which none of them do because it's against some policy somewhere. I, however, only write in blue. (But not because I'm a UK fan. Go Cards!)
10. My patient that allowed me to interview and examine him. He did not die afterwards, and appeared to suffer no harm whatsoever. Awesome. Well done, all!

That is quite enough randomness for one night, I say. We can only allow so much frivolity.

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