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Nov 9, 2007

To Do:

1. Make a list of things to do.
2. Work on list of things to do.
3. Send my list to be published in a book.

I am a listmaker. Usually the lists involve checkboxes. I am not even in residency yet.

The very first card Patrick ever gave me pictured a naked woman on an airplane saying to the shocked passenger next to her, "if it's not on my list, I'll leave my head at home!" Get it? She didn't put "get dressed" on her list?

Anyway, this so clearly describes how I operate. I get it from my dad, who makes lists like, "1. Take a shower. 2. Make coffee." etc. I make lists of my lists. I have several websites to keep track of my lists. Like this one and also this one.

So imagine my heart-stopping sense of being a part of something bigger when I found this website. It represents zillions of other people who are list-obsessed, just like me!

If you are a listmaker, you will feel right at home and may even see some of your favorite shortcuts featured. If you are a non-listmaker, this site offers insight into the minds of the rest of us.

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