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Nov 12, 2007

Veterans Day Festivities

I'm celebrating Veterans Day in a very special way this year.

I was scheduled to do prostate exams all afternoon at the VA Urology clinic today.

But, since it's Veterans Day, the VA is closed.


However, I didn't know this until I actually went to the VA this afternoon, all dressed up and coated and ready to palpate some prostates. Do you have any idea how creepy the VA Hospital is when all the lights are off and there's no one there? It is horrifying. I kept thinking that this would be the part where the infected zombie from 28 Days Later would jump out and spit in my eye, thereby infecting me and requiring my classmate to stab me through the heart with a nearby IV pole. I was listening very carefully for the eerie music to warn me, but all I could hear was Andy Griffith from the waiting room down the hall, which was strangely full of people. When I tried to talk to them to find out WTF was going on, they could not be torn from the program.

Finally, I heard keys jangling and I found a nurse who had popped in to turn in her time card. She enlightened me as to the holiday (I had no idea - we didn't have school off, so it didn't even make it on to my calendar. I am a bad American.) and so, instead of going where the sun don't shine, I was on my way out into the sunshine.

Fun fact: I am scarred for life by 28 Days Later. I still have nightmares about people with glowing eyes that drip on me while dangling from telephone wires. Then I spend the rest of the dream tied up in a courtyard trying to convince everyone that I'm not infected, that the drip landed on my cheek! Not in my eye! See! I'm fine! But they sit there and eat tuna sandwiches and wait for me to starve to death. Oddly, they all have glowing eyes and the tuna looks like Benedictine but it's not (are you following?). At this point, I am also frustrated and confused because I keep getting caught in the laundry that's hung outside to dry, except its always raining during that part. I have only seen that movie once, in 2003. I am still having that recurring nightmare. I physically shiver when I see the movie poster. SCARRED FOR LIFE, I say.

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