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Dec 6, 2007

Crazy Kids

This afternoon my class had a review session for an exam that we have next Thursday. In order to make things a little more interesting, the professor made the review session into a quiz show (Jeopardy, basically) with 4 contestants. The incentive was that the winner would receive 3 percentage points bonus on the exam next week.

Already the class would be fun and relaxed - I mean, it's a quiz show! There was much cheering and clapping and whispering the answers to our favorite contestant, and, overall, it was a good review and a fun exercise.

However, when it came to the Final Question, for which the contestants wagered points to edge out the other contestants, there came a surprise twist: a tie! The course director went into a little fit, feeling that it was not possible to give both contestants the 3% on their exam. He left it to the class to determine what to do with these two tied contestants.

The answer, of course, was obvious.

A karaoke contest. To Xtina's "Genie in a Bottle".

Those med student kids are CRAZY. Also, since both boys got up and sang along with Xtina (via YouTube), the both got the 3%. Very deservedly so.

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Ahahahahahahaha!!! That.is.awesome!