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Dec 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This is going to sound silly, but I've missed you over the last few days. Patrick and I have been all over, and we're leaving again in the morning to continue our crazy vacation.

A brief recap:

Friday night: Baby Mama and Bro-in-law's house for a holiday party and some bonding. Since Patrick and I are old, we went to bed kinda early (him - 11:30pm, me - 2 am), but we still had a great time and enjoyed the hospitality of some of my favorite relatives.

Saturday afternoon: Movie and Dinner with Dad and his Sweetheart, plus my sisters and Sweetheart's kids (and a fiancee). Very interesting afternoon and quite fun. We saw The Polar Express in IMAX and it was pretty much awesome. Who else has caught all of the Back to the Future 3 references?! Watch it again, friends. They are everywhere. We loved it and can't wait to buy it and document all of them.

Saturday evening: Trader Joe's stop and then spent the night with my dad (and his Sweetheart).
Sunday morning: Breakfast at Dad's. This was only after discovering that Myra, my beloved little Sheltie had run away. An exhaustive 2 hour search ensued. We found her, thankfully, about a mile away. She was covered in ice and mud and burrs and was dazed and confused (haha). We almost had to cancel Christmas, but instead we had a happy reunion.

Sunday afternoon: Mom's house for Christmas with the sisters and The Best Nephew Ever. Lovely. I wish it had never ended.

Sunday night late: Drive to Patrick's mom's house. Sleep.

Monday morning: Patrick's Granny's birthday. She's 93 years old. Brief Christmas party with that side of the family, including several renditions of "Happy Birthday" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", because we had to practice first.

Monday afternoon: Visit with friends.

Monday night: Dinner with Patrick's mom. Enchiladas. YUM.

Monday late night: Friends over to have a short break from family.

Tuesday morning: Oversleep. Awesome. Christmas with Patrick's mom.

Tuesday afternoon: Patrick's dad and his wife. Then drive home.

Tuesday later afternoon: Our Christmas.

Tuesday night: Unpack. Clean. Pack for our trip to Florida. We are driving and leave at 6 am tomorrow! Woo hoo!

The holidays are crazy - sorry for the lack of posting. I think that we will have internet in Florida, so I plan to expand on some of the events of the past few days as well as what we're doing in Florida.

Best wishes to everyone and Merry Christmas!

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alexine said...

Myra!!!!!! That was not the best day ever!!!