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Dec 4, 2007


Tonight I gave in to one of my favorite things: a bookstore. I love bookstores. Especially this one here in Lex that is big and giant and beautiful but is not a national chain. It has loads of books, obviously, but also has all kinds of pretty things like stationary and scarves and tea sets and the like. I spent an entire hour in the store, even though I went for one particular book and found in within the first three minutes of being in the store. Oh, it was so fun and indulgent. And cheap, too! I only bought the book I went in for, which was really an accomplishment.

I got lots of ideas for gifts for people, but didn't buy any yet because I haven't finished my Christmas Master Spreadsheet for the year yet. This is where my entirely deranged and delirious brain will lay out the budget, gift ideas, and gift locations on this sheet, as well as a column to check off when the gift has been purchased, wrapped, and shipped (if applicable) - all separate columns, of course. There is an adjacent spreadsheet that will, come Christmas, list each gift received (for me or Patrick), the giver, and if a Thank You card has yet been sent. These things are hard to keep track of and it's important to stay organized. Don't even get me started on my Christmas card system.

After the bookstore, I went next door to the health food store, another of my favorite haunts. I like to try to be healthy and make good decisions, but geez. Some of those people are CRAZY. As an extension of my love for people watching, evesdropping, reading people's secrets, and such, I also love to look at the contents of people's grocery carts. People get the weirdest combination of stuff, especially at the health food store. Tonight, I observed the following shoppers:

Dreadlock Girl with a hand basket full of ice cream, cheese, three different kinds of lotion, and beer.

Old Guy had an entire cart full of beer. (Hey! Where's the party?) Seriously, this guy was, like, 85.

Cute Hispter Couple each had hand baskets packed with various fresh fruits and vegetables, some sushi, and some random sodas. Also a GIANT FLOWER that took both of their free arms to stabilize.

Sleepy Looking Girl (me) had a newly purchased book in one hand and three tubs of frozen chilis in the other. Since I didn't use a bag, I got a wooden nickel and donated it to the Humane Society.

Now I'm home and am looking forward to a sweaty date in my skivvies with David Swenson.

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