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Dec 11, 2007

The Magic is Gone

What's really frustrating about learning something as complicated as medicine is that, even when you have spent hours and hours and hours studying something (like, for example, the heart), when someone asks you, "How does it work?" all I can say is, "Magic".

I have just spent the last three hours wrapped up in the intricacies of the workings and problems of the heart. I had an exam last week all about the pathology of the heart. I successfully passed first year physiology, which included an entire section about the heart and how it worked.

I have just realized that I had systole and diastole switched. Basically, I thought that daytime was when it was dark outside and everybody was asleep.

Oooh, frustrating.

Mitral stenosis, anyone? (Buzzwords: left lateral decubitus, prominent S1, opening snap, rumble, parasystolic.)

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The MSILF said...

Haaaaa classic. I just found your blog via that comment on Fat Doctor. Once she linked me, I got a ton more readers/hits. Looking forward to catching up on yours.