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Dec 17, 2007

New-ish Layout

In a true 11th hour rescue, Sharnee at suckmylolly.com, the genius creator of unique blogger templates, came through for me (unknowingly) and updated this layout to XML format. So there's no need to change designs after all!

Thanks to all who looked at the proposed template and commented. It's actually an equal amount of work to upgrade to the new/same template, but I love it, so it's okay.

Check out the new link list - it has all kinds of lovely, interesting, and newly added bloggers! Enjoy!

2 Readers rock!:

dahmane said...

ps you asked people to comment on your layout...it is fabulous, just beautiful. you also mentioned movies and movie trailers...have you been to the kiterunnermovie.com ? it is e x c e l l e n t . many wonderful excerts from the movie as well as the official trailer. it still hasn't opened here. (VA). oh, and here's an interesting trailer, the movie, while not really my kind, looks kinda "cool" in a bizzare way and the opening image is beautifully sad and stunning Lady-Vengeance.com

o-kay, i'll leave you alone now...!

dahmane said...

oops, maybe my first comment got lost...just said i love your blog and really admire medical students, something like that.

take care, tracy bakestuff@hotmail.com