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Dec 5, 2007

New Roof!

Yesterday, Patrick and I spent an hour and a half meeting with the roofer who will be putting a new roof on our humble abode. We discussed colors, shingle types, debated prices, compared estimates... I didn't think that there was that much to say about roofs (rooves?) but apparently this is a big decision. In typical Katie-Patrick style, I made my decision about whether or not to go with this roofer, the color and type of shingle, and the timeline for the project within about 10 minutes of the roofer arriving (which, truthfully, is a little long for me. I was tired and in foreign territory.). Patrick, on the other hand, talked to the roofer, asked a zillion questions (all good ones), drew sketches of the future roof, and sat quietly and thought... and still needed time to decide.

We signed the proposal but didn't finalize a color yet - the roofer left his samples and we're going to drive around and look at some houses with roofs that we like. This seems kind of ridiculous to me, but I guess it is a big decision that will be on the house for (hopefully) 30 years... but still. I can't generate the energy to agonize over choosing medium grey over dark grey over onyx. I have enough to agonize over, like if I should nap or catch up on people's blogs. Now THAT is a big decision.

Expect lots of stories about this over the next month or so as this exciting process unfolds.

3 Readers rock!:

Alexine said...

AHHH!!! While I was reading this, I saw a commercial for Lexington Metal Roofers!!! It is a sign!!! More decisions for Patrick! Haha :)

martha said...

I vote for a metal roof too! Not only do they last longer, but they can be put on over existing roof tiles and therefore cut down on labor and cost... so I hear... Plus then you have the wonderful peaceful rain on a tin roof sound... perfect for napping!

Katie said...

The metal roof is definitely being considered but only for part of the house. It's also WAY expensive, so I don't know how far it'll get in the process... we'll see! Thanks for your votes!