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Dec 15, 2007

Party People

Last night, Patrick and I were total party animals. We went to TWO parties. Count 'em, people. TWO. We are crazy!

The first was Patrick's department Christmas party. It was held at a ballroom downtown (I resist the urge to put that word in quotes, Lexington) and it was very nice. Slightly awkward, at times, but nice. All four of Patrick's surgeon buddies were there with their wives, along with several of his office mates and their spouses and the nephrologists. Also, since Patrick is doing research in the transplant department, all of the coordinators were there, as well as the ICU nurses. All in all it was fun, but more, it was funNY. The nurses were all over the "dance floor" (a carpeted area with no furniture) and they would occasionally coerce a doctor or some old person to come and sway back and forth, invoking screams of delight. Everyone else stood around and chatted. There was good food, but all with meat. Buggers. So I had some grapes. And it was a cash bar. Since we had no cash, one of the nice nephrologists bought us each a drink. One a piece.

Then we went to my class' Christmas party. It was at a bar and we got there around 11. Since Patrick is actually 90 years old, he whined about how loud and stupid the music was and the fact that we had beer at home. Clearly, he doesn't get out much. There was a little food at this party, like wings and pepperoni personal pizzas. Strike out for me on the food front. Not too many of my peeps were there, so we took off after about 45 minutes and a rum and coke to split. We were home before midnight.

Today, Patrick told both of his parents on the phone that "we were out so late last night" and "man, we drank so much at both places! We sure lived it up". I am married to an octogenarian in disguise.

2 Readers rock!:

The Brother-in-Law said...

Don't you worry about a thing. We will make certain that you guys have more than a sip or two during our Holiday Party on Friday!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

(I know this is an old post, but I'm going to comment on it anyway...)

Sucks that they didn't have any veggie-friendly food, but the parties sound fun! (I've learned from previous experience to keep a granola bar or two in my purse when I go to parties, cause most of the time very little of the available food is vegetarian. Actually, to be fair, they've usually cooked a fish dish "for the vegetarian people" without realizing that most veggies don't eat fish!)

You've probably mentioned it here somewheres, but what kind of doctor is Patrick anyway? Surgeon? Nephrologist?