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Dec 10, 2007

Unlikely Conclusion

Today I have dealt with several people who were simply not very helpful. They weren't exactly mean or rude or insulting or anything that egregious, but they kind of went out of their way to NOT help me out.

As my contribution to society, I am an officer in a bunch of clubs at school (interest groups and focus groups and what have you). We have monthly lunch meetings where we get a speaker and feed people in exchange for coming to the meeting. It usually works out pretty well, though there have been some small turn-outs lately. Anyway, today, I had one such meeting. I had already arranged for the speaker, made sure the room was reserved, and was additionally charged with procuring food. Sure. No problemo.

Except there were some small problemos. The guy at the food place wouldn't give me what I asked for, for no other reason than that he didn't feel like making any veggie wraps. Fine, dude. You are lazy and inconsiderate so, thus, I will starve. I split this meeting with another group, something I thought would please the department that funds our meetings because, hey! another group is going to pay for half! Woo hoo! No. I got a lecture this morning about how this has NEVER been done before (total lie - they did it last year. I was there.) and that it is NOT POSSIBLE to split the invoice like I had suggested and NO, she did not have ANY OTHER suggestions as to how to deal with this.

Please, people. WORK WITH ME HERE.

So: here's my unlikely conclusion that I'm going to draw from my experiences this morning. People who work with numbers are not happy people and, thus, do not want anyone else to be happy. Therefore, they will go out of their way to NOT go out of their way for you. They will simply tell you that it cannot be done your way and they refuse to tell you how it would work.

Moral of the Story: These people suck. HAVE A HEART, number crunchers. Try to see outside your little cubicle and notice that there is more going on in the world than this dumb piece of paper that has not been properly signed, notarized, and dated in three separate spaces. Observe that, just outside of your office door and around the corner, there are BABIES BEING BORN. (seriously! How awesome is that!) Admittedly, you probably become immune to their effect after a while, but still. More is happening in the world than your petty check boxes. Your low job satisfaction does not give you the right to ruin someone's day because they did not follow the proper channels, read the proper manuals, and contact the proper people in order to DO YOUR BLOODY JOB FOR YOU.

That is all. Please continue about your day now, and, for goodness sake, BE NICE. Then I won't have to be all shouty in my next post. Thank you!

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Alexine said...

Don't feel bad, it's not just you. It is only Tuesday, and I have already met every rude and stupid person on the PLANET this week. Perhaps the planets are misaligned?