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Jan 4, 2008


Hooo-leee COW!

I am in the medical library at school diligently studying Pharmacology. This week we started back with cardiac medications and I've just learned about Adenosine. DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS? IT'S CRAZZZZYYY!

Here's what happens:

Suppose you find yourself in AV nodal re-entry tachycardia, which is where your ventricle is beating like mad (>160 beats/minute) resulting from abnormal conduction. Once your ventricle gets into this rhythm, the pathophysiology of the rhythm perpetuates the cycle. This rhythm is bad news, yo.

So what does your good doctor do?

Your expert doctor will bring you into the hospital, make you sign a form saying you're okay with what's about to happen, then STICK A NEEDLE IN YOUR HEART, INJECT ADENOSINE, AND MAKE IT STOP BEATING. Did you catch that? Your doctor puts you, on purpose, into cardiac arrest. The your heart learns from its mistakes and starts up again in a proper rhythm. And you go home happy.

That is so freaking cool. I can't believe they are going to let me be a doctor someday.

Sorry for the freak out, but I had to tell someone about that. I am having myself a silent FIT in the library. I'm glad that I have you lovely people to share it with!

*realizing she is a complete nerd, she returns to her books and avoids eye contact with fellow patrons in case they saw the freak out*

4 Readers rock!:

Martha said...

That is way cool!
When I took CPR training, I kept wanting to crack a chest open and do heart massage!

Now I get excited when I correctly diagnose symptoms! hmmm he seems to be displaying aggression, destroying property and is age 12... could it be Conduct Disorder??? YES!!! HA!
Nerds unite!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

That is too cool! AsbMartha said, NERDS UNITE!!

dahmane said...

Wow, keep posting too c o o l stuff like this, 'k? Thanks, another nerd, tracy

Alykat said...


I get excited when abscesses squirt across the room.

I think that holding bones while they get screwed back together is really cool.

I love watching exploratory surgeries, especially the yucky stuff that comes out.

I have caught vomit in my hands without flinching.

But a NEEDLE in the HEART????
EAK!!!!!!!!!!! I would die! I squirm just thinking about it!

You are officially way cooler than I am! :)