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Jan 1, 2008

Busy Bee

To get you up to date on the latest happenings in the only excitement to happen in my life in several months, I will continue the list format used for the Christmas activities. (You know that I am just looking for another excuse to make a list.)

We went to The Villages, where Patrick's aunt and uncle have recently bought a home. That place is insane. People go everywhere in golf carts. I think that the place fell from the sky, fully formed. Kinda like Jesus. Or something. It's brand new, sparkly and shiny. Everyone waves to each other, though there are 65,000 people living there. The place isn't even on Google Maps. I think that's because it actually exists in... The Twilight Zone.

Wednesday morning: Up at 5:15am. Driving out of the driveway at 6:21am. Not a bad start!

Wednesday: Drive and drive and drive and drive and drive. Stop for lunch in Atlanta. Get back on the highway, planning to continue driving. Instead, take a nap on the highway, made possible by the hour and a half of stopped traffic. The turn your car off kind.

Wednesday night: Drive. Finally get there at 10pm. Marvel at the lovely borrowed house. Unpack. Almost blow up the neat house (a simple matter of a gas stove - I was really tired, ok? I didn't notice that it wasn't lit and that I was pouring gas into the kitchen. Gimme a break.) Collapse into bed.

Thursday morning: Sleep in a bit. Wake up to find Patrick gone to the grocery. *Content sigh*

Thursday afternoon: Drive the golf cart into "town" and walk around. Did I tell you that we were vacationing in The Truman Show? Well, we did. It was really fun - I don't know what Jim Carey's problem was. Then to the pool. Home for yoga and showering.

Thursday night: Vendor night and live music and dancing in the town square! I've never seen so many excited old people. Dancing and laughing and spending lots of money. Dinner at a japanese steakhouse called "Japanese Steakhouse".

Friday: EPCOT! Holy cow, was that a fun day. Long and completely exhausting, but great. We met up with my girl Allison and her boyfriend there and had an absolute blast. It is not every friend that could spend 13 hours with me and Patrick and still hug us at the end of it. Yay!

Saturday: Back into Orlando to meet up with the Baby Mama, Bro-in-law, Best Nephew Ever, who were there with the Bro-in-law's family, and my aunt and uncle who live in FL. This was kinda stressful and a little chaotic, but I'm glad we were able to get together. Then shopping at the outlets and Ikea. I was still beat from Disney the day before, so we took it easy.

Sunday: Visit the older part of the retirement city - the Spanish town. Cute, but not as Truman-esque, so not quite as fun. Still a good time. Drove back through the other town and had a milkshake at Johnny Rocket's, where we vowed a healthier diet in 2008. Home for a nap and dinner. Also packing and photographic documentation of the house.

Monday: Out the door at 7:15am. Drive and drive and drive. It took less than 12 hours on the way back, including stops! We are awesome.

Monday night (read: New Year's Eve): Patrick in bed by 10. I watched the ball drop on my computer (no TV), then fell asleep on the couch. We have been covered in cats since we walked in the door. It's like they actually missed us!

Today: MAD STUDYING in a panicked attempt to stay in school. Patrick has gone to pick up the pups from his mother. I am thinking of brushing my teeth soon as a study break.

Tomorrow at 8am: Lecture.

Is it spring break yet?

Happy New Year to you, lovely readers!

3 Readers rock!:

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Sounds like you had fun :) Good luck with your studying today!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Sounds like you had fun :) Good luck with your studying today!

The Scrivener said...

I, too, spent much of today studying after my guests had left. YAY MED SCHOOL!

Happy New Year!