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Jan 11, 2008


One thing that they don't really tell you about when you are preparing for marriage is the compromise involved. Actually, I think concession is a better word. Before I got married, I ran the show that is my life. I decided when and what to eat. I chose when to live and what to put in that abode. I took care of what needed to be done and didn't think another thing of it.

Since then, there has been this other force in my life. A husband. You'd think that after almost 3 years I would've figured out how to negotiate life with a husband, but I'm kind of a slow learner. I think that, if you looked at our lives in total, we share things pretty well. As we expected that we would. He cooks, I clean up after. He does the laundry, I tidy. He cares for the cats and I, the dogs. It's a pretty neat arrangement on most days. To be sure, there are some days when we each become frustrated and feel that we are the ONLY ones doing ANYTHING around here, but, to be truthful, that is not the case. It's pretty fair.

These are not the compromises of which I speak.

Yesterday, we had a bit of a monsoon here in Lex. Thunderstorms and tornado warnings and flash flood advisories abounded. It's normally Patrick's job to keep up on the weather, but this hadn't happened and so we were caught unaware. I was stuck in the library and he in his office, both with nary a coat, an umbrella, or even a newspaper between us to protect ourselves from the ferocity of the storm. The compromise, you ask? Here is the compromise I made for my husband:

I walked out to get the car, even though it was twice as far from me as from him. I got made fun of by the bus driver, which I did not take to kindly.

Why was this such a noteworthy concession, you ask innocently? Why didn't Patrick go get the car?

Because he was wearing suede shoes.

I endangered my life out in the storm so that his blessed suede shoes would not be damaged. These are the kinds of compromises/concessions/idiocies that I did not know were in my future when I attached myself for life to this person. Young ones, beware!

1 Readers rock!:

Alykat said...

Aww, such love you have for Patrick that you can not even stand to see his SHOES injured! Right?