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Jan 31, 2008

Dog Whisperer/Shouter

We are so lucky to have a fabulous dog walker. Right now, she comes twice a week around mid-day and either brings her dogs over to play with Myra and Sally or picks them up to go play with someone else. I love, LOVE this girl and the pups love her too.

Today, I get this hilarious email from her. It starts out nice and sweet, updating me on the day's activity. Today, the girls went over to another client's house who has a big fenced in yard and several dogs. So my dogs, other dogs, and her dogs all run around and chase each other and play fetch and dig around and having a totally fantastic dog afternoon.

The hilarious part came at the end. After telling me how wonderful Sally has been and how much better she did today with the big scary dog that made her act weird, she curls around and asks, "By the way, do you have any way of getting Myra to stop barking?"

Myra was born to bark. Lives to bark. It's her favoritest thing to do, aside from kissing. So trying to get her to stop barking is like trying to tell the sun not to shine or a 9 month old not to put things in his mouth. It is an impossible task. I still give it the ol' college try, firmly telling her "NO BARKING FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!" But she just pauses briefly, then continues her story. Because what she has to say is very important.


Oh, and if you have dogs and are interested in her services, visit her website. She's fantastic.

2 Readers rock!:

dahmane said...

i l o v e Myra, she's just soooo beautiful, (i simply must get a sheltie or collie someday,I had a lovely collie growing up), so her barking is excused...besides, like you said, it must be very important, her message, that is. How are you doing these busy days???
take best of care, hugs to Myra and you and all the "gang", tracy

barrie said...

I must point out that I prefaced my question with "I know it is a Sheltie thing"!! You made me blush with all your kind words though :-)