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Jan 27, 2008


I'm sitting here on the comfy sofa on a lazy Sunday morning and catching up on my blog reading from the last few days. It strikes me that so many of my friends (both in my life and on the web) are so interesting and lovely. I would love for you to visit them and give them some love.

My dear friend MaryMartha Muses, who writes such lovely poetry interspersed with real tales of her daily work. She remains an inspiration to me, even though we don't see each other much these days.

You might have been over before, but go visit Alykat at Musings and Ventilations. Learn all about horseracing and... stuff. It's way out of my realm of understanding, but she's so passionate about it that it's a pleasure to read.

Do you guys know about Dooce? This site is awesome and I love it. I especially love the Daily Chuck (which has evolved into the Daily Chuck and Coco), which features a daily photograph of her dogs, and they are usually balancing something on their heads. I love it SO MUCH.

One of my newest and most favorite finds is the Daily Coyote. Just go take a peek. You'll bookmark it and be back every day.

And finally, since it's Sunday, don't forget about PostSecret.

Enjoy and I'll be back with regular updates as soon as I stop throwing up.

3 Readers rock!:

marymartha said...

Love you too! and your blog, ditto on the inspiration my dear friend!
Feel better soon.

Alykat said...


You are pretty awesome yourself, Ms. Future Doctor. You amaze me- there is no way I could ever do what you do! I hope that you feel better soon; if you need anything then you need to CALL ME!


Chad said...

Vomiting on a lazy sunday morning...katie, did you get the flu? katie?