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Jan 7, 2008


One thing that is very, very, VERY frustrating about medicine (and lots of other things, surely, but medicine in particular) is that people are not always nice. Sometimes they are really mean. Like out-to-get you mean, and not in any kind of a paranoid student way, but in a way where your classmates come up to you later and say, "He was totally out of line". They love that they know more than you do and are not afraid to tell you all about it.

I have been lucky and have not experienced this to any great degree. Before today.

Today, because of a series of miscommunication, I was late to a small group meeting. It was not totally my fault, but a combination of a misinformed lecturer and a small, missed announcement online. I probably should have known, but I didn't. And I wasn't the only one who missed it - the room change was missed by three other students. So we sat in this room until three minutes after class was to have started before we figured out where we should be. We were 7 minutes late.

As we walked in, the lab-based PhD prof pointed at all of us and said, "Well, if you're going to be this late, you'll have to sit here in the front." Fine. So we troop up to the front and sit, with me directly in the center. Then, without asking why we were all late together (you know, like there might be a reason) starts picking on us. Making us read out loud, asking us questions. Since these small group sessions are graded on participation, we were ready with answers. But he wouldn't let us answer before telling us why we were wrong. Condescending and drunk with his Small Group Leader Power.

Once, he asked me the normal range of BUN. I glanced down at my sheet and responded "7-18", which is correct. He glared at me, then proceeded to lecture the group about how important it is know actually know the answers, not just have them written down. He said, "You don't want to be out on the wards and someone ask you a question and have to reply 'oh, wait. I've got it here somewhere.' like this girl just did."

Jerk. Was that necessary? No. It was not.

At the break, the four of us explained why we were late and apologized. His response was to tell us how important this topic was and that we will have to work hard to make up what we'd missed (in 7 minutes). "And", says he, "judging by your responses, you do not understand this material."

Seriously, dude. Back to your lab with you. You should not be interacting with other humans. If you are, indeed, human yourself. Jerkface.

This really just contributes to my hatred for acid-base pathophysiology.

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Ugh... What a horrible teacher!! An attitude like his is definitely NOT conducive to learning!!

Alexine said...

My poor Katie!!! What a butthead! He obviously hates life and hates anyone who enjoys life, and has to make everyone miserable so they hate life more than he does! You are better than that!

And, fortunately, you have experience with a person like that, and can therefore let it roll right off you back. Right?

You are loved and you are awesome! So, don't be sad!


The Scrivener said...

Oh, man. Don't let him get to you! Maybe he wishes he had gone to med school but didn't do well enough on the MCAT and had to get a Ph.D. instead. And while he was getting his Ph.D. in Jerkitude, he fell in love with a medical student who spurned him and his social ineptitude and married a cardiothoracic surgeon instead, with whom she had a billion babies. And now he is taking out his Freudianesque frustrations on innocent med students.

Jen said...

ugh, PhD's with chips on their shoulders are the worst. And tell him we DO look up normal values on the wards, because we have more important things to memorize, like the basis of complex DISEASE!

Chad said...

Let's set his car on fire.

dahmane said...

So sorry, Katie, MD2B, he really sounds like a horrible jerk, i wish someone as kind and good as you did not have to deal with people like that.
hugs, tracy

Pennsy said...

I initially misread your last sentence as if it read "acid-based education."

Having been one myself, I know that bullies may be acting out of fear, which doesn't make them suck any less, but may help to muster a little compassion for them in retrospect.


Did he actually call you "this girl?" Maybe he needs a foot up his a$$ before you start that compassion thing.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I had an entire slew of professors last semester who were smart, socially inept, and chip-shouldered. They had to look each other in the nostrils instead of they eyes because their noses were turned up so far. I'm convinced there will be a special corner of hell just for them, where they will be subjected to the most atrocious thing ever-- people like themselves!

love you to bits, Kate