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Jan 10, 2008


There's something bittersweet about watching the sunrise through the windows of the library.

On the one hand, the windows are 14 feet tall and I'm on the 5th floor, so I have this lovely view and can see how the new sun plays over the buildings and field by the library. It's so pretty.

On the other hand, why am I at the library before sunrise? Because I'm in med school. That's what happens to people in med school - they go completely bonkers.

3 Readers rock!:

Sarah said...

I know why you are in the library at sunrise. I am sorry. Blech!!

I will keep the B-word to a minimum, but to be fair I am taking it in less than 2 months!!

Alykat said...

Were you still there from the night before? Or just there really early? Not sure which is more disturbing! :)

Without the existence of insomnia, would there be any doctors?


Jen said...

oh you are working too hard....you're not a 3rd year yet! sleep while you can!