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Jan 30, 2008

Prostate Exam Part Deux

So.... it was actually kinda fun. In a really weird way, I really enjoyed my afternoon at the VA Urology Clinic. I ended up seeing several patients with an attending, we did several different exams. I got to see a scope of the bladder, where we looked at the bladder, ureters, and urethral openings (including seeing urine get squirted into the bladder from the urethras - CRAZY!!).

And then, of course, there was the male external genitalia and rectal exam. Yep. Did that twice. The first guy was nice but very detached and not really interested if I was there or not. He was also really large, and so that made things a little more complicated. The second guy, though, was hilarious. So he starts telling stories and talking with his hands - all while I'm doing these two exams. And his stories were funny and I wanted to laugh, but not... while I was examining him.

So then I was stuck! I felt rude not laughing at his jokes, but then I didn't want to laugh... you know. Man, these are tricky situations we get ourselves into.

2 Readers rock!:

The Shrink said...

It is something that we do get better at the more we undertake. Feeling if a prostate is hard or craggy can take a bit of getting used to but is obviously important.

Glad it's working out okay.

Men have similar experiences when undertaking cervical smears with relaxed, chatty women. It's a clinical procedure, it's not tea and cake! :-)

Anonymous said...

lol. "it's n o t "tea and cake" over at "E-Diets" i write on "Emotional Eating" and we always say therapy isn't "tea and scones"...haha, time for Dr. Shrink to get out of m y head...! i must say though, with my darling, sweet fourth year psychiatric resident, sometimes therapy i s tea...or coffee ;-)
Katie, have you seen the out take from "Family Guy" where the doctor tries to give Peter a rectal exam...? You would love it!
best of luck with "Bob"!