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Jan 15, 2008

Return to Normalcy

It is amazing what sleep will do for a person. Especially one having an existential crisis based on a bad day and a rough exam. To be brief, it will allow them to see perspective and appreciate the blessings. This is also aided by AWESOME friends, both in person and out there on the interweb, who sympathize and remind me that life is not really that bad, that it's not actually all about me, and to get back on my feet.

Thanks (again!) to all of you. You people are amazing.

*** (and now for something completely different)

I would like to offer up some proof that I am not the only craaaazy animal person living in my house. Everyone always blames it on me - the fact that we have 94 animals is usually attributed to my growing up with pets and then working at a vet. This is largely true, and I have always accepted responsibility. UNTIL NOW.

Our neighbor has two cats. About a year ago, he got a puppy and subsequently decided to shun his cats and make them outside cats. He did not ask the cats' opinion on this matter. One of them was a kitten at the time and so grew up as an outside cat. Except for the fact that she doesn't respond to people and is, thus, a feral cat, she is pretty well-adjusted.

The other, however, is 16 years old. She's been an inside, beloved, only-pet for her entire life until the last year, when she was thrown outside to fend for herself. Our neighbor occassionally puts food out for them, but never pays them any attention. This pretty much breaks my heart. So Patrick and I put food and water out every day and spend time with Old Cat each time we go outside.

Then, it got cold. I was sad for Old Cat and hoped she would find a warm spot. PATRICK, on the other hand, snuck her inside and hid her in the basement! I found her the next morning and didn't quite know what to do. Since then, she has basically moved into our house. Patrick brings her in nearly every night and gives her lots of food and love.


Here's the conundrum: the neighbor doesn't know about all of this. He hasn't even noticed that she's not around. So, the question is: do we tell him? Do we "officially" adopt her? Do we just keep her? Do we throw her back outside? I think she needs some vet care, but I don't want to just steal someone's cat and pay for her care.

What do you guys think we should do?

4 Readers rock!:

Martha said...

STEAL HER! or ask the neighbor if you can have her...
But I say just move her in and he will think she went missing...
OOOOOO bad social worker, unethical social worker, but a 16 yr old kitty outside freezing breaks my heart!

Alykat said...

ADOPT HER!!! That poor little black and white cat? She was so cute, and came running to me every time that I came to your house while you were in Flordia! (I considered putting her in your house when it was raining one day, figuring that you would never notice one more!!!) :)

Do it, he obviously doesn't care about the poor girl- and you have many, MANY old cat care connections if she were to ever need anything! If she is unspayed, I can prolly even get you a FREE ONE!

Do it! Do it! Do it!


Alykat said...


I personally could not say anything to him, as any conversation pertaining to the poor kitties would contain the words, "mean, coldhearted, jerkface, butthead, stinkin, stupid, MONSTER." But, you could always leave a nice note...

Pennsy said...

You have no choice. Once you look them in the eyes, you belong to them.

The neighbor will probably be fine with it. After 16 years, he knows better than to try to tell Old Cat where to sleep.