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Jan 28, 2008


One lesson that was rather difficult for me to learn about medical school is the following:

I don't get anything out of going to lecture.

This is hard to accept because we are told so many times that going to class is the only way to learn anything and that only slackers skip class. We've heard this our whole lives. But, really, the only thing that I get out of lecture is social time at the breaks. The rest of the time I take notes and pay attention and the like, but retain absolutely NOTHING.

The question is, though, do I just quit going? I've done this in the past and it's been fine for my grades, but it's lonely! I feel more rested, generally, and even get more done, but I feel isolated and disconnected from what's going on at school when I am AWOL for a week or so.

I think that this says more about my need for the world to revolve around me than it does any necessity to be in lecture. If they could only schedule lectures later in the day, for less time, and always include refreshments. Oh, and if the lecturers could go at twice speed, like they do when I play the recordings, that would be greaaaaaaaaat.

3 Readers rock!:

The MSILF said...

Two brief ideas, both of which I did.

1. Take books or however you DO study well with you to class. Follow along the topic that they are lecturing with that. Sort of a best of both worlds thing...use them to focus you and guide your choice of material to study, but don't depend on retaining exactly what they say.

2. Take your study stuff and study in the library, nearby, etc. Join the gang for breaks.

Best of luck.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I'm having the same problem... I feel like lectures are a total waste of time because I don't actually learn anything in class, and I want to stop going and just spend the time studying, but I feel soooo guilty as a "dirty rotten skipper".

Jen said...

I stopped going mid-way through my first year and continued right on through the end of second year. Class was a waste b/c you need to know WAY more than they cover in the hour of lecture!

I got my life BACK when I started doing this, so much so that I'd get up in the AM, go to a library/coffee shop and study on my own and be done usually by early afternoon, with the rest of the afternoon/evening all to myself (except for exams of course). I loved it!!!

The majority of my class of 150 did it too - we maybe had 15 or 20 students who were dedicated to lecture, the rest of us floated in and out if there was a good speaker or worthwile presentation...or we wanted to be social. But most of the time there'd be maybe 10 or 15 people/lecture. I was so glad I discovered this early on!