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Jan 3, 2008


One thing that I missed so, so, SO much while we were traveling was the warmth generated by the fur faces. I generally sleep better when we're on the road due to the lack of restless cats walking on me or skittish dogs barking at cars. However, with the long absence of any furry sleeping buddies, I realized how much I love being all warm and snuggled by them. Now that I'm finally home and settling back into the daily grind, I am remembering and enjoying all of the little pleasures that I normally don't notice. Like being covered in animals when I'm sleeping.

This is slightly more difficult to remember when you are serving as a cat bed or being whined at to go outside in the FREEZING COLD. But now, as I sit wrapped in a blanket with a cat on my lap and a fluff at my feet, I am reveling in the company and the warmth.

(Clearly, the picture is not of me as I just described myself. That's Patrick, with a blanket consisting of Julius and The Pickle, with Myra keeping watch. And The Pickle is not preparing to use Patrick as a litter box, in case you were wondering. She's just making biscuits out of him. Standard procedure before settling in for a nap.)

2 Readers rock!:

dahmane said...

awwww, love the picture, soooo cozy. is myra a sheltie or a collie? either way, i love both breeds and she is gorgeous. i really liked your story about the guy in lecture sketching you...what a lovely surprise for you. thank you for your most wonderful blog.
love, tracy

Katie! said...

Thanks, dahmane!

Myra is a sheltie - pretty much the cutest one ever, if you ask me!