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Feb 1, 2008


I've spent the vast majority of today sitting on the couch surrounded by my laptop, stacks of notes, and a few fur faces. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Friday. I've been trying to catch up on lectures before the weekend (you know, so I can actually study the lectures), but I keep getting distracted.

I think that I am some kind of dream machine for my little pets. They rotate sitting on my lap, and each one who has come to take their turn has had a dream! Pet dreams are so funny. Myra and Sally drool and yip softly like they are in some mad chase scene or about to rip into a fallen piece of peanut butter sandwich. The Pickle came to visit and twitched and purred before she fell off of my lap and woke herself up.

Like everyone, I so often wish for a few days to be a dog. Lie around and dream, get snuggled and treated, my sole purpose is to lower people's blood pressure with my cuteness. I think I'd be good at being a dog.


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