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Feb 4, 2008

Out with the Old

I sold my car this weekend. My cute little Jetta, my first big-kid car, my little sidekick for the last 9 years. We sold her to Patrick's cousin and his family, as they needed a second car for commuting. I have spent months loathing that car as it sat in my driveway, not running, looking awful. But then we fixed the deadly things about it (like the exhaust fumes coming into the car. "I have a headache and I'm really sleepy", says me. Patrick pauses, then, "Out of the car. Now.") and cleaned it all up - now I kinda miss it. She looked so good and ran well. Why did I buy a new car when I had a perfectly good one?

Her name was Liesel. It was originally Lizzie, but I decided that she needed a proper German name, being a Volkswagen. And, since she sang to me, Liesel from The Sound of Music seemed appropriate. Hey, I was 19. What do you expect?

I'm really going to miss the old girl.

Ok, I'm over it now.

2 Readers rock!:

Martha said...

My first grown up car was "Prince" a light blue Valiant. (Prince Valiant, get it??? HUH, HUH, huh getit???)
I loved him dearly. I feel your pain. May Leisel have a happy journey.

Alykat said...

I CRIED when Sevannah died. Prolly why she still sits in the parking lot, waiting to be donated. And I feel guilty every time I drive past her. I think I have some attachment issues!