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Feb 9, 2008


Last night was the Caduceus Ball, better known as Med School Prom. People have been talking about it for weeks, planning it for months, and last night it finally arrived.

Last year, Prom was fun for me because I got to kind of pretend I was single. Patrick was on call that night, so I went with a bunch of girlfriends and danced all night. However, it was sad to come home to an empty house and I hoped that he would be able to go this year. The heavens heard my cry and answered my prayer.

In so many words, be careful what you wish for!

We decided that we would have a dinner party last night before the Prom. We invited over our two bestest couple friends and cooked up a veritable feast. Patrick and John did the cooking, and the rest of us did the preparing and chatting. We broke out the fancy china, were all dressed in formal wear, and had a FABulous time.

We also did what's commonly referred to as "pre-gaming", meaning we indulged in some of The Drink. (Sadly, I was not able to be a part of that, as I was designated driver for the evening.) The Drink always makes Patrick tired and a littel grumpy. However, at this point, everything was so fun and yummy and we were having a great time.

It was about 11pm by the time we LEFT our house to go to the prom. I was sleepy, but excited to see everyone all dressed up and happy. Patrick, on the other hand, was having none of it. "Do we have to go?", he whined all the way there. "We're not staying long, right?", he whined as we walked in. "I don't even know anybody.", he mumbles, as three people approach him to say hello.

We left about 12:30, after Patrick refused to dance, refused to have any more to drink or eat, and refused to talk to anyone.

I love him to bits, that grumpy husband of mine, but sometimes I think those single folk have it pretty good.

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The Shrink said...

I too loved the medical balls, when going with friends. The last one had a real "Peter's Friends" moment, when all my favourite people were all gathered together having fun, and as I came back in to the room and saw them all being so happy, I felt so happy too.

And then young kids changed the opportunity for such evenings :-)

Ms-Ellisa said...

This may happen when you're not single... it's all part of "sharing your life"... you can't always want the same thing...

But you didn't come back to an empty house at least, so you got your wish, right? :)

dahmane said...

Hey Katie, i know exactly what you mean...i love my hubby tons, but he can be grumpy too (can't we all...lol!) and at times i do envy the young, unmarrieds...and we've been married 21 years...yes, we are OLD!
take care, love, tracy

The Scrivener said...

Haha, that's cute! Your Patrick sounds a little like Mr. Darcy, with the "I don't know anyone" shtick. :)