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Feb 13, 2008


I'm reeling today from the psychic response to yesterday's letter to the snowplow drivers. Whereas yesterday, I could drive on the street to get to a sidewalk on which I was nearly crushed, today, I am convinced that the snowplow drivers shoved all their snow INTO MY DRIVEWAY. And now I am stuck. Stuck at home, stuck in an inch and a half of snow.

The problem is that my driveway is nothing but a hill. A steep one, at that. so there is no way to get any momentum to fling yourself over the hill. You just have to go slow and steady and be really, really patient. Today, none of those strategies paid off, and I am stuck at the bottom. The snow around my car is splayed with orange Tire Gel that didn't provide instant traction (Damn you, Big Lots) and there are all these little ditches that I made for myself while I was attempting to free myself from the clutches of the driveway.

*I admit, that last part was a little dramatic. But it was REALLY FRUSTRATING, okay?!

Living in the south this long has really impaired my snow skills, me thinks.

1 Readers rock!:

Alykat said...

Kitty litter! It works!
You can also get 50 pounds of salt for $5 at Southern States!

Go Katie go! Do not be contained!