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Feb 16, 2008

TV Inauguration

While I was attempting to study last night, Patrick made me an offer I couldn't refuse. We broke in the new TV with an HD screening of The Big Lebowski, one of the most brilliant films (Shrink, that was for you!) ever made.

We followed that by watching our favorite bits of Le Nozze di Figaro, a video recording of a long ago Met recording.

Though pharm was totally neglected in favor of spending time with my handsome but kinda unpredictable hubster. I paid for it today by spending a much great amount of quality time with my notes at the library all day and night (to be continued tomorrow), but I'm trying to live a more balanced life and, you know, see my house and family sometimes.

It's a good plan, anyway.

2 Readers rock!:

marymartha said...

Balance is important! Good for you for taking care of yourself and spending a well deserved evening w/ the hubster!
<3 U

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Balance, what's that?

It's definitely something I need to work on, good for you for getting something other than school in there :)