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Mar 5, 2008


I had a meeting today with the course director for my Pathology class. I initiated the meeting to discuss why I am performing the way I am in his class (lower than I usually do). I expected to go in with my tail between my legs and come out bruised and bleeding. This couldn't have been a more wrong assumption.

I should preface this story by saying that this man, the director of the course, is among the most organized and 'put-together' people I've ever known. He's given us a handful of lectures in other courses and they are always the best and most clear lectures of the course, followed by the most fair questions you could hope for. His lectures are scripted, which, for some, would be a death sentence. But he has them so clearly laid out, so well practiced, and presented with such a depth of understanding that they just are flawless and perfect and something to be admired.

So, today, when I met with him, I should have expected more. However, I don't think I could have ever imagined the "Counseling Sheet" which he had designed for just this purpose. It was divided into sections, the first of which was labeled "Reassurance".

He started out by telling me that he had pulled out and analyzed all of my exams. He knew where my trouble spots were and had a working theory as to why I was performing a little below where I wanted to be. He told me that all was not lost, that I was doing well, and that, even if nothing changed and I continued on my current trend, I would be fine. However, I could do better! He thought that it was possible for me to recover! He knew I could do it, with just a little tweaking of my studying! He was behind me all the way!

MAN. It was pep talk central! I was surprised he didn't break out the pom poms and the big foam fingers. It sounds cheesy here, but, seriously, it was impressive. I felt great.

Then, of course, he told me that I needed to study more and that I simply didn't know my lecture handouts well enough. He said that I need to find more time to study.

The truth hurts, but it's blow is weakened by such words of encouragement! Why can't all professors and course directors be like that?

1 Readers rock!:

Sarah said...

He is amazing! I agree whole heartedly. There is a reason that Path always wins awards!