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Mar 31, 2008


One of the great things about being in a teaching institution is the exposure to all different levels of training. I have benefited from many "older" (some of them are younger than I am, but farther in their training) and more experienced friends helping me along, whether its sharing their notes or tips on surviving certain professors. One girl in particular, who is in the year above me in school, is such a positive influence that I feel better just seeing her in the hall. I ran into her today in the cafeteria.

Katie! How are you?! Pharm's a-comin', right?

Yep, and I'm behind. As usual.

Don't worry about it. You'll get through it, just like you've gotten through everything so far. And then you'll have a vacation! And then, even better than vacation, you'll be a 3rd year! Which is, by far, the best thing you'll have done yet in your life!

Really? I hope so, because this is miserable.

Really! And you're going to be great at it!

Then, the best part:
(1st Year walks up)

Man, I think I just failed the Neuro midterm

Don't worry! It gets better! You still have the lab, which brings everyone's grades up. You'll be fine!

Really? I am miserable.

I know, but now you know how the test goes, so it'll be better from now on.

Yeah, I can see that. Well, good. I'm glad to hear that. Thanks!

(1st Year walks off)

See? You're going to be a great 3rd year! You've already got the teaching and encouraging thing! Now you just need to pass boards!

(passes out)

One step at a time, I think.

3 Readers rock!:

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

You are indeed gonna be a fabulous third year :)

I wish the upper years would talk to us... this place is so clique-y. It's actually a little unnerving because if you wish someone a good morning they look at you as if you're an alien and back away. People in my year are great, we just need to work on the weird elitism thing going on. (I'm trying, but it's hard when there are like three of us that are trying to make the health sciences building a happy friendly place, and the other 600 who aren't!)

Anyway, sorry for the little rant... I'm just getting a little tired of living in such an anti-social place!

Jen said...

then just wait till 4th year! A year long vacation! Start dreaming about it now...

Chad said...

that was like a movie.