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Mar 8, 2008

Toys Falling from the Sky

While it wasn't exactly the blizzard that we'd hoped for, we got about 6 inches of snow last night. This meant that Patrick and I were happily snowed in for most of the day and that it was the Best Day Ever for the pups.

I called my friend John this morning to cancel plans to get together for breakfast and he answered the phone with, "KATIE!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! AND SPRING BREAK!!! TOGETHER!!!"

Best Day Ever

Can you see the snow all over her? Myra especially LOVES the snow. She rolls around in it and tries to bury herself in it. I think it's because she has so much fur and it's the only time she can cool off. Sally, on the other hand, just runs and runs. Like so.

Sal in snow

We spent hours outside today running and chasing and eating lots and lots of snow. We took a walk around the neighborhood and saw other people snowed in and playing outside. We all took a nap later in the afternoon, just to seal the deal that it was a lazy, snowed in afternoon.

Afternoon Catnap

We managed to dig ourselves out later in the day to make a run to the market and to Target (is it possible to leave the house and not go to Target? I've tried it and I think the answer is no.) so we're shoveled out enough to get to John's for brunch in the morning. This will go down in my personal history book as one of my Best Days Ever.

4 Readers rock!:

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Okay, let me get this straight. You *wanted* a blizzard? Oh dear Katie, you have evidently never lived in Canada... I mean, I'm glad you enjoyed the snow and everything, but...

(Prepare for a bit of a rant. Deep breath!)

We got at least a foot of snow today, with another foot expected overnight. The snow on my front lawn is now halfway up my sternum and slowly reaching it's way up to my shoulder. Walking anywhere causes flying ice crystals to jam themselves in my eyes so that my eyelashes get frozen together and my mascara runs down my face. It feels like I have a double ear infection (even though I'm sure I don't) from the little ice pellets flying into my ears. The blowing snow against one's face results in a continual "brain freeze" that lasts for the entire time spent outside. The buses are late, there are car accidents everywhere, and my toes are a rather worrying shade of purple. It takes FOREVER to go anywhere, and they don't even cancel school or anything for it.

*cough* um, yeah, sorry about that. You see, we've gotten almost 400 cm of snow so far this year, and I'm a wee bit tired of winter...

The Scrivener said...

I am envious of your snow. When I lived in Virginia, we got way more snow than we do here in NYC.

Katie! said...

Xavier, while I can certainly understand your position, I will offer a more full explanation of mine.

This winter has provided us less than six inches of snow TOTAL. So when the weather people told us that we had six to ten inches of snow coming, people flipped out and went into crisis management mode. Stocked up on milk and salt and bread. People canceled appointments and barricaded themselves into their houses.

Then it was less than six inches of snow that melted within two days.

So, when I say the "blizzard that we'd hoped for", it wasn't really a blizzard and it was only because we don't seem to get any winter anymore at all.

I can see how a CONSTANT winter would be no fun, no winter is no fun either.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

That makes sense. Winter certainly can be fun to a certain extent, we've just had WAY too much of it. When I wrote that I had spent an hour and a half waiting outdoors for a bus in a full out blizzard, so I was in a particularly bad winter-hating mood... sorry bout that! Glad you and the dogs could enjoy the weather :)