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Apr 24, 2008

Another One Gone

Another exam under my belt, two left, eight days left of second year!

The exam this afternoon was AWFUL. So, so awful. But all I needed to do was pass - and I did. By the grace of God and that's about it, I think!

As I've been spending my entire life in the library lately, I only have a few interesting things to report. As usual, a list:

1. I had an OB appointment yesterday! Things are fine and the heartbeat, while strong, was on the move. That apparently means that the Turnip/Muffin/Parasite has acquired the ability to move around. I still can't feel anything, but I was very reassured that the Turnip was still in there. I had a classic medstudentitis moment this week when, after reading that around this time you can hear the baby's heartbeat with a normal stethoscope, I tried to hear it, couldn't, and then proceeded to assume the worst and flip out. This was complicated by the new and rather uncomfortable abdominal cramps I'd been feeling the last few days. Just when I was about to give up hope, I headed to the doctor. She was a med student too, once, and remembers how it is to be inundated with all things bad and to then assume that those things are currently happening to your body. She reassured me and I am now looking forward to next week's appointment when we're supposed to find out the sex and see all the fingers and toes and whatnot. Woo! Place your bets, people!

2. Xavier insists that there are undergrads that exist that do actually study all the time and work really hard. I am here to tell you that none of those people attend my school. This week is "Dead Week" where there are no classes and all the undergrads get ready for finals. What evidence do I have that they are not studying or working hard? I present two pieces of evidence:
A. A Giant Slip-N-Slide made from plastic tarps set up outside the library. About 30 undergrads were running and slipping and sliding in their bathing suits in the middle of campus on a giant plastic tarp covered in soapy water.
B. This morning, I got to the library at 10am. I parked in front of a house rented to undergrads. They were outside playing Beer Pong. At 10am. During Dead Week.
I rest my case.

In celebration of passing an exam, successfully incubating the Turnip for another month, and resisting the urge to join in on Beer Pong, I think I'll treat myself to a shower before heading back over to the library. Trust me, showering is a luxury these days.

4 Readers rock!:

Sarah said...

Just thought you would like to know - there are classes during dead week. Historically - it is dead to exams.

Alykat said...

I used to study like a maniac during Dead Week. This was because most of my professors wanted to end things a week early, and would "secretly" go ahead and give us our finals!
I am on pins and needles to find out if you are growing a Muffin or a Muffinette! :)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I'm guessing it's a muffinette :)

I love the slip and slide story! We do exist, we're just hard to find because we find small quiet study spaces that no one else knows about, in order to get stuff done! I can't even go into the main undergrad library anymore because it's basically turned into a social hour. Yup, most undergrads drive me nuts, thankfully the people in my program are pretty hardworking :)

Danielle said...

We do exist! I swear!