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Apr 21, 2008

Checking In

Written from Patrick's computer

There are three important things that I would like to tell you. Naturally, I will put them in list form, because that's how my little brain works. If I could draw little boxes next to each item to check them off as I told you, I would.

1. I ordered a new computer. There was great debate about which one to get (though the choices were rather limited as I am a total Mac Loyalist) and we finally decided and bought a MacBook, several steps into the future from where I have been. Although I am feeling very betrayed by my old computer and mad at it for picking such an inopportune time to up and die, I am (not so) secretly excited about the upgrade. It even has a built-in video camera so I can talk to The Best Nephew Ever! It was meant to be and I should not question Fate.

2. I have, as of this morning's Path exam, decided to upgrade my academic expectations of myself from Not Awful to Pretty Good. Yes, dear friends, that's right. I kind of rocked my exam this morning. Maybe it was because I couldn't blog and Twitter about how I need to study and just actually studied. Nah.

3. Finally, a bit of news that I know you will all be thrilled to receive. Today, though it seemed too soon and crazy, I bought a new bra. It cost a bloody fortune, but it was such a physical relief that I wore the new one out of the store. I got it at this totally adorable but very touchy-feely place in town called Mother Nurture. No one was wearing shoes and there were children running around in hemp clothing and such loveliness. While I feel slightly out of place in that environment, this bra is AWESOME and they were super nice. I hope you all feel better that I am adequately supported because, seriously, I do.

The new computer should be here this week or maybe next Monday, so hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly then. Enjoy the weather I've arranged for you in the meantime. I pulled some strings and installed spring.

4 Readers rock!:

Alykat said...

Really appreciate you arranging Spring for me! I love spring and all that it brings...

Oh, except for the very aggressive bumble bees that have taken over my balcony, preventing me from reading outside, which really is the best part of spring! :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, join the MacBook line! I just bought one last week! I went to the Apple store and drooled until I finally selected the little beauty...
The camera rocks!
Glad you got a comfy bra. Gotta support the grrrls!
Hugs momtobe!

Dragonfly said...

I also have a Macbook. Expose is awesome for when someone walks into the room and you need to change what you "Are doing" to something productive.

The Shrink said...

I think Macs are gorgeous, too. Glad the exams went well, much goodness. And as you grow and change it's good to have comfy support :-)