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Apr 12, 2008

Little Help

Patrick and I went to the 'Ville today in search of help for my computer (guarded but hopeful prognosis). We also caught up with each of his parents and his grandmother. I successfully avoided having my belly patted, but only barely!

For this brief entry tonight, let me share with you the quote of the day. Patrick mentioned to his mother and grandmother that our lawnmower is broken and we need to fix it soon since the grass is screaming to be cut. His grandmother's response was, "Instead of fixing the mower, you could just get a goat. It would eat your grass and you could have another pet."

It's an idea...

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3 Readers rock!:

rankdoesn'tmatter said...

Katie, I'm blog stalking instead of studying (procrastinating, what's new?), and this absolutely cracked me up! So his grandmother is from the country? Because I have several neighbors, well, it's not neighbors in the country, but others who live on the same 'route' with goats. That is too funny!! It's too bad that livestock aren't allowed in city limits :)
-Rachel G.

marymartha said...

Maybe we could share a goat????

barrie said...

sweetie, that does not work. Seriously, the guy I used to work for bought three goats for the kennel to keep the fields where the dogs play eaten down and they just stood by the gate and ate that grass and pooped everywhere and generaly stunk to high heaven.