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Apr 9, 2008

On Death's Door

My computer is on the fritz. This is very unfortunate. I really need my computer. I live by my computer. Trying to figure out what to do is like trying to diagnose your own mother - you just have too much history together and are too involved to look at things objectively.

My computer's touchpad button no longer works reliably. It either sticks or doesn't respond. Now tapping on the touchpad is unreliable. It has started crashing from time to time. MACS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. Websites don't load. Opening two or more programs causes it to freeze up. I have upgraded it as much as I can, but it doesn't seem to be enough. The poor thing is only three years old! It's not time yet!

Oh, Readers, I need some input on this one. What am I going to do?


4 Readers rock!:

marymartha said...

Well, my little iBook just bit the dust on Monday! so I had to head to the Apple store in L'ville at Oxmoor and came home w/ a MacBook. Sigh.
My iBook got me all the way thru grad school and into my first professional job. It survived many falls, Molly dawg peeing on it, and tons of cat hair in the keyboard, but the power jack finally was going, it wouldn't charge and the a, e, s and p letters were completely worn off...
Still, gotta love them Macs!
I fell your pain, really.

Pennsy said...

This link might help.


We got decent service at the Apple Store in Louisville, once we made it clear to the child "Genius" that we weren't just a couple of old fogies who didn't know a bus from a reboot.

This might be an easy fix. Give them a call.


Pennsy said...

I've got an extra USB mouse around here somewhere. Give a call if you want to borrow it until things work out.


Katie! said...

Thanks to you both! We are heading to the 'Ville tomorrow to take my poor, ailing iBook to the Apple Store, where I am hopeful that one of the "Geniuses" can blow on it and make it all better.

Pens, thanks for the mouse offer. I have one as well and have been using it since my touchpad refuses to respond. However, that had not occurred to me until you suggested it (speaking of geniuses), so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!