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Apr 28, 2008


This has been, if you hadn't noticed, a really stressful time for me. (And other people too, probably, but we're talking about me here.) Exam after exam, constant studying, and not the fun kind of studying where you make up ridiculous mnemonics and have dinner and laugh with friends. This is the head-hanging-in-your-hands, near-tears kind of studying. For WEEKS ON END.

But that was not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to tell you about how, in the midst of the complete misery that is the end of second year, I had the most wonderful hour on Saturday. Hour, you might think, how can you have a wonderful hour? But I really did have the Most Wonderful Hour (now it's official since it's been capitalized).

Patrick came and picked me up from the library to take me to lunch. It was a gorgeous day and we decided to go to a little cafe that makes the best french bread in town. We sat outside and laughed and talked and ate delicious food. We watched families walk by, young, lovely, happy couples and their kids. We saw a grandpa and his granddaughter, who was sporting a fetching bow in her hair (perhaps for Derby week), who stopped for a cookie at the cafe. It was simple and lovely and relaxed and wonderful. It was the Most Wonderful Hour, one that I can tell I will cherish for my whole life.

Part of me wants to lament that most people can have this kind of hour anytime they like, any weekend, any evening. But most of me is so grateful for my Most Wonderful Hour that there isn't enough of me left to be bitter.

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Kipper's Mommy said...

Katie -

Your last two days' entries just completely sum up why I love you so much! In the midst of every situation, you manage to not only find the humor, but also the joy! You are going to be a wonderful, wonderful mother - the turnip is so lucky - and so are the rest of us who know and love you!
Aunt Linda

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I know my studying is nowhere near as hard as yours, but I can relate to what you're going through. a day and a half till organic chem and I'm flipping out...

Yay for pearls! My dad came into town right before the bio final last semester and took me out to a lovely vegetarian restaurant and out for a walk out by the river, when I was so stressed I could barely talk. It was lovely and helped so much. Glad Patrick could do the same for you :)

marymartha said...

The hour is so wonderful just because it is so rare and precious...If you could have this kind of hour anytime, would it really stand out and be so cherished? I think its great that what may be such a simple taken for granted time is for you and Patrick a golden moment. That my dear friend is why you two are so wondrous, you find love and joy with one another.

Jen said...

I completely agree. When I have the rare WHOLE weekend off, I feel like I am on vacation. I get to relax and get so much done - and then I think how most people ALWAYS have this!! It makes me kinda jealous/sad at first. Well, actually I still am jealous! Here's to retirement, right??