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Apr 30, 2008

Turnip's True Nature


And it... ahem... HE has all of the necessary parts so far to survive. Two kidneys, a closed spinal cord, a brain that is inside of a closed head, a stomach, a diaphragm that separates top from bottom. I will be sleeping better tonight because of that reassurance.

And I am totally raiding The Best Nephew Ever's closet this weekend when I visit!

Now, back to the library... last final starts in 35 hours. I'll be done in 39 hours. DONE.

By the way, IT'S A BOY!!

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Jen said...


Me! said...

Yay for a boy!!!!! :)

Today, I had lunch with Martha, and I was like, "Um, the last time a friend asked me to lunch on my Wednesday off, it was to announce a pregnancy. Should I be expecting some news from you?"

The look on her face was priceless! :)

Sarah said...

I was really hoping for puppy! I am completely excited for you.

Kate and Andrew said...

A BOY!!!! We are so excited for you. I'm so glad that he has all the necessary parts! Things like kidneys, spinal cord, etc are very good. I definitely remember that ultrasound with those vital parts and it is huge. We are so, so happy for you. A boy!!! This is Kate writing (if you couldn't tell) in case Blogger tries to tell you it's Andrew :) But he is right next to me and excited too!

Pennsy said...

I hate to be a wet blanket but...

All this talk about a little man's "necessary parts" and no mention of the most critical one?

Does he have a remote control in his little hand?

(by the way aly, are you free for lunch next Wednesday?)


The Shrink said...

Congrats, glad all's well, and in a few hours all will be a whole heap better!

marymartha said...

And he has your cute button nose!! But alas Patrick's dark points... (if that posted pic is accurate! and umm I hate to mention it but there appears to be a tail... I can't get over how much more detailed your pic is than Libby's!!!) LOL

barrie said...

Yay for you :-) Would it be awful of me to say that he looks like a baby penguin right now?

Anonymous said...

Yay! YAY!! So, so, so excited for you guys and your families! Finally, Patrick and Julius can add to their ranks!

Love ya!

Kipper's Mommy said...

A boy - yippee!

The only thing I know less about than babies is BOY babies! Call me for anything - anytime - EXCEPT advice!

How about McMuffin McHugh?
Just a thought -

Love you

Dragonfly said...


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Whoops, apparently my congrats comment didn't save properly! CONGRATS!! :)

tracy said...

Congratulations....it's a kitten!!!! Yay!!

Seriously, very happy for you and thanks for the update, i am so glad all is well with the Muffin.

Tiffany Marsh said...

Yay, congratulations!

Rach said...

Awesome! btw, your blog rocks... i just read the whole thing front to back top to bottom... i'm adding it to my blog roll :)