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Apr 25, 2008


Today, the best thing happened. (Well, not actually the best thing, but go with me here... this is kind of a rough time for Student Katie)

My med school managed to finagle some deal with the main campus library so that my class has a whole WING in the library to ourselves. We check out keys to the wing and have private and exclusive access to it whenever the library is open. Because I was one of the first to get my keys (as I was at the library anyway) I also got a LOCKER in the study wing.

I may never leave the study wing ever again. That is, until June 30th, when I have to give my keys back.

I will try to post some pictures of this beautiful study space that is (temporarily) ALL MINE (and my classmates')!

3 Readers rock!:

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

YAY! Nice study space is worth its weight in gold!

JC said...

Awesome for you! That will be great for studying this summer. Hopefully you can bring food/drink to keep the little muffin happy!

Dragonfly said...

Awesome. Keep a pair of fluffly slippers and a teapot there for late nights :-)