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May 5, 2008

Back Home Again

I'm back in Lex after a great but exhausting trip to see my family, which followed the completion of second year of med school. Holy cow, my friends, what a month this has been.

The exams ended up pretty well. It wasn't quite the miraculous finish that I had hoped for, but it will do and all is well. However, both of the last two exams zapped the life right out of me and I learned an important lesson about where sleep should rank on the priority list. Better to sleep and be able to think than stay up all night memorizing and then not be functional for the exam. Good to know.

Patrick and I went to visit each of our families as well as two sets of old, beloved friends over the weekend and it was quite restorative. Highlights included my father finishing a mini-marathon for the 4th straight year, a home run with the Prom for Littlest Sister (a STUNNER, that one), fun dinner with my mother and remaining two sisters (who were not at Prom), lots of pregnancy/baby talk, and some quality time with The Best Nephew Ever. Coming home last night, Patrick and I sat and talked for the first time in months (oops! Guess I've been busy) and were pleased to discover that we are rather crazy about each other. So nice when that happens.

I'm taking today and tomorrow off to get the house put back together after the Final Exam Tornado and take care of some long overdue errands (who knew you were supposed to cut your hair more than once a year?). Wednesday begins Boards study. I'm sure there will be MUCH more about that in the weeks to come.

Happy Spring, dear Readers!

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Me! said...

One of the doctor's told me today that in vet school, a bunch of the "nerds" laminated their notes so they could study in the shower. If that happens to you, you know you've gone too far! :)