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May 19, 2008


I very much regret to report that, since becoming pregnant with the Turnip, I have only managed to practice yoga about four times. At the beginning, I was so sick and so exhausted that walking in to school nearly killed me. Once I got over that, there were exams and finals to study for that took all of my time. Since that passed, I couldn't come up with any more excuses and have been back on the mat three times in the last two weeks. Awful, I know, but a start. Ashtanga yoga, my favorite brand of exercise and meditation, is really, really challenging, even for a person who is in shape and strong. I used to be in shape and strong, but then I laid on the couch eating cheese for five months and now... well, I'm neither in shape nor strong anymore. But I want to be and I have found myself missing my old body since the shocking arrival of the belly. So back on the mat for me.

A big, BIG part of the motivation to get moving again comes from my friend Pennsy. He has two blogs, one which has long been linked on this website, Pennsyltuckian, where he writes insightful and thoughtful pieces about combining life and religion. He is among the most real people I know and his writing reflects that excellent quality. His other blog, Fat Man Running, documents his relatively recent decision to make healthy choices and become a healthy man. It is written with the same awareness of his world and respect for his body. I love reading this blog and I am so proud of him for his decision. AND he ran his first 5K this past weekend!

Since joining the medical community a few years ago, I have developed very strong opinions that physicians and other health care professionals are obligated to set a good example for their patients. It is too old a joke and too true a cliche of the obese doctor with a cigarette telling his patient to stop smoking and lose weight. I had forgotten my place in recent months, and I am glad to be reminded by Pennsy's dedication and unwillingness to let injuries or self-doubt stop him from making this incredibly important change in his life. This experience, too, will help me with my patients; I now understand what it's like to get busy or distracted and let the important things slide. Thanks, Pennsy, for getting me motivated to move again! I know that the Turnip will thank you too, eventually.

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