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Jun 13, 2008

Freedom is Sweet

Today is awesome for several reasons. Let me form them in a list, as you know I like to do.

1. I slept until 10:30 this morning and only woke up because the Turnip started practicing triple axles in my belly. The things we do for our children, like get up before noon.

2. I have done NOTHING today. I ate Fruity Cheerios for breakfast, watched an episode of original Star Trek, ate lunch, caught up on my people (read blogs).

3. We're getting rid of a bunch of our college furniture to a co-worked of Patrick's. Goodbye, futon! Fare thee well, glass coffee table! Ciao, ratty old computer desk!

4. My best friend's sister had a baby this morning! So my friend is an aunt now and is going to be among the Best Aunts Ever.

5. We're off for a very fun weekend in a few hours. Tonight, hanging out with The Rendas and all the cuteness that comes with them, including a puppy play date. Tomorrow, we see my family. Tomorrow night, a wedding! Then staying with old friends. Sunday, Father's Day.

Sigh. Oh, vacation. I love you.

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