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Jun 1, 2008


(Not from alcohol, though. Don't worry.)

Last night, I went with a lovely old friend to a wedding. I wasn't invited but knew the bride and so went as the date of my friend, whose husband hates weddings. (How can you hate weddings? It is a guarantee to have CAKE there!) These were all people and old friends from college, some of whom I keep in touch with, others that I had not met but heard about for years. In addition, the wedding was held at the same church where Patrick and I were married and worked for many years, the ceremony performed by the same minster. I hadn't been back to the church since that day, as we moved right after we married, so it was something of a homecoming and I was totally excited.

And then we had such a great time! I wore MAKE-UP even and heels! I picked an outfit that I thought would make it obvious that I was pregnant so that I could visibly justify a second piece of cake, though I received lots of comments like "You don't even look pregnant!", which served only to make me feel chubby. Alas, no second piece of cake for me. My only lament was that I could not enjoy the champagne, my very favorite of drinks, and didn't dance because the Turnip was doing some be-bopping of his own. But the wedding was gorgeous, the music was FANTASTIC, everyone was so happy, and the food was delicious. What more could you want out of a wedding? Or an evening, for that matter!

We closed down the party (but did not join the other young people who went out to bars afterward, as we had to drive a bit to get home). Then Patrick and I stayed up talking about our wedding and retelling stories of college and old friends and marveling at how long we've been together. It was such a fun evening, such a welcome break from studying and agonizing over the little details, a much appreciated chance to zoom out a little and see how far we've come.

We finally fell asleep a little before 3am. Last night was tons of fun, but today both of us feel hung over, even though neither of us had anything to drink. Essentially, we're rather too old to stay up all night talking. We'll leave that to the young 'uns.

7 Readers rock!:

Me! said...

It is a little scary to see the title "Hangover" on a woman who is with child's blog! :)

marymartha said...

I love that you and Patrick have so much fun together~ you have such a great friendship and a great marriage!

Dr. A said...

How fun! What a great story!

The Shrink said...

"My only lament was that I could not enjoy the champagne . . ."

You know there's no really compelling reasons not to have a glass?

Heresy, to say such a thing 'pon American soil where there's a zeal for abstinence throughout all trimesters, I know. But the international evidence base and cohort studies don't show clinically significant consequences from the odd glass of alcohol.

My wife had the odd glass of wine and, at weddings etc, the odd gin & tonic, which is thankfully accepted and seen as routine and normal and reasonable for a pregnant woman to do, in the UK.

Common sense and a little of everything in moderation, eh?

Katie! said...

Shrink, I bet you are very good at what you do because you always seem to know the right thing to say!

Carrie said...

Young'uns?? OH PLEASE, LIKE YOU AREN'T. Didn't mean to make you feel chubby with my "you don't look pregnant" comment. :-) I hope all is forgiven?? Loved, loved, loved seeing you - and LOVED that you moved to the 'cool' table.


Tiffany Marsh said...

It was so good to spend the evening with you! Good to see Patrick too. Let's not make it so long for the next get together. Good luck on boards!
Love you,