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Jun 16, 2008

Impromptu Workshop

Yowza! This weekend was action packed and awesome, but left a little to be desired in the way of "restfulness" or "sleeping" or "saving on gas". Meh. Those things are all over-rated anyway, I guess!

We had a great time this weekend and caught up with so many people, but it was a little strange how it turned out to be a training camp on How To Be A Parent. We didn't see it coming, and thus were not prepared for the onslaught of All Things Progeny, but we learned a lot and are now slightly terrified. Allow me to elaborate.

Friday night we got together for dinner with The Rendas, some fabulous friends who have an adorable two-year-old (from the pictures anyway. I still haven't met her on account of 7pm bedtimes. Hers, not mine.) This was a cushy intro to The Weekend of Kids, because said two-year-old was sleeping by the time we arrived, so we only heard about all the goings on of Sophie. We asked lots of questions that were completely inane, but we asked anyway. ("What does Sophie do all day? How do you know if she's hungry? How do you keep a child alive this long?") They were lovely and patient with our questions and told us lots of great stories that would make anyone want to reproduce, like how sweet she is and how funny she is.

Saturday was a really long day. We were up early for breakfast with Patrick's mom before heading to see my family in a far away land. This visit, as do all visits, centered around all that is left to do for the baby. Name him, find a place for him to sleep in our house, get him some clothes and stuff, etc. We then drove the long drive to the town where I grew up. First stop: my dad. Not too much baby talk here, more talk about school and studying and such. A little respite from baby stuff. Next stop: Baby Mama's. Clearly, this is always a baby-centric activity and the more pregnant I get/the older the Best Nephew Ever gets the more it becomes the only topic we get to. The Best Nephew Ever is walking now and turns one year old in a few weeks! Also, he has learned, "Uh-oh" which never ceases to be hilarious. Awesome.

Third stop of the day was a wedding. Again, a little adult fun was had, but with some old friends that had lots of baby questions. All good and fun, but I was starting to realize that this weekend was really, really, like for real, all about the children. However, this wedding had the best food ever, so La Preguntas here was pleased. Fourth and final stop of the day: to The Gramigs' house for sleeping. They have a two-month-old. You can see where this is headed. Endless questions and advice. Their nursery, which is much like what we will probably do, provided lots of food for conversation. Where did you get that? What is this thing? Wait, you have to change them how often? No really, how much do you spend on diapers? Then Patrick tried to hold the baby. It lasted about 8 seconds before he and the baby both freaked out. That is going to take some work.

This, of course, continued on Sunday over breakfast and lunch. We then drove back from far away, stopping at a maternity outlet store so I could buy a bathing suit. Naturally, more talk about the belly and the Turnip and the birthing, etc. To Patrick's dad's for Father's day dinner: Lots of talk of upcoming projects. Perhaps he'll build a changing table. There are rooms to be repainted and furniture to be redistributed. Much to be done!

We got home last night around midnight and collapsed into bed. I walked through the room that we're going to designate as the Turnip's and am terrified at all there is to be done. I've done it to myself; I should have been working on it all along. Now I have about six weeks to do EVERYTHING.

Many lists will be made in the coming weeks. I can just tell.

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Anonymous said...

What?? You don't get a manual w/ the Turnip??? YIKES!